Most US Voters Believe Foreign Aid Is Too Expensive

A new Rasmussen Reports survey revealed that 57% of the country believes too much aid is being funneled out of the country. These results followed the recent congressional approval of tens of billions in new foreign aid, and voters may have reached their limit of generosity.

Despite heavy opposition from some House Republicans, Congress passed yet another $95 billion aid package for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan.

The survey revealed that, besides the majority who believe lawmakers are sending too much money out of the country, only a paltry 10% found it to be too little. Another 23% were happy with the current level of foreign funding.

Ukraine will receive $61 billion more in U.S. generosity, Israel gets $26 billion and Taiwan will be given $8 billion.

But on top of the majority of respondents opposed to this level of foreign aid, there are many conservatives in Congress ready to draw a line in the sand.

Republican critics concede that this latest battle was won by the Biden White House. However, some already declare that there will be no more going along with Democratic demands for more outlays.

Sen. J.D. Vance (R-OH) emphatically asserted that funding for the Eastern European war will end. “If Ukraine thinks that it’s getting another $60 billion supplemental out of the United States Congress, there’s no way.”

Democrats claimed the latest package as the last needed for the current year. This is possibly a signal that Congress will be asked once again in 2025 to approve billions more for Kyiv.

With the November elections on the horizon, it is a fair certainty that presidential candidates as well as those vying for Congress will take stands on foreign aid. As the latest results show, those who seek to continue to send billions to distant conflicts may need to reconsider.