Editorial Policy

Thank you so much for visiting Times of America. The entire team takes great pride in their work. We place strong emphasis on the need to uphold the highest standards when it comes to journalistic integrity. We want our news to be as accurate as possible, reflect zero bias, and honor transparency.

The Times of America Mission

Our mission is, of course, to do our part in the preservation of the freedoms and rights the United States Constitution granted us as American citizens. We do this by making sure you are alerted and in the loop whenever we find a potential threat to your liberties, especially when there are changes to the political landscape. It is more important than ever for you to remain informed, and it’s our job to empower you.

Our Editorial Policy

Our editorial policy consists of four main components.

Transparency is incredibly important to us and remains something we are committed to providing our readers. Every single one of our contributors is required to disclose any potential conflicts of interest or special affiliation. We also work hard to disclose our sources, as appropriate.

Unbiased reporting is something we’ve mentioned over and over again. Our team is dedicated to providing news that is free of prejudice and bias. Yes, we want you to see news aligned with your values, but you deserve objective facts – not favoritism.

Fact-checked and verified work is critical. Our editorial team holds our writers and contributors accountable for the work they do. We don’t publish anything that hasn’t been verified first. We vet our sources to make sure they are credible so that the news you find here is reliable.

Diverse perspectives are important for creating a healthy level of public discourse. The Times of America team wants to provide that platform – one that encourages different views and opinions. We want to foster constructive dialogue and make sure that a diverse selection of perspectives is always available.

Keep in Touch with Us

Your feedback is incredibly important to the Times of America team. We need your support more than ever. Please continue to reach out with your questions, comments, concerns, and commentary. We need your input to ensure we are all able to continue to make a difference together.