Democrats Shift Strategy On Border Security Amid GOP Criticism

Congressional Democrats are now actively engaging with border security, a topic that was historically challenging for the party, as they seek to leverage it in the upcoming elections.

Despite facing GOP dominance on immigration issues, Democrats are pushing a bipartisan “border” proposal that previously faltered in the Senate due to conservative opposition, including from figures like Donald Trump, that sought a bill that actually dealt with the immigration crisis instead of giving Democrats a “border bill” to pretend they weren’t actively facilitating the crisis.

Key Democrats like Sen. Chris Murphy are challenging Republicans to either support their border legislation or face public scrutiny for obstructing security efforts. However, Republicans have swiftly labeled this move as a “political” stunt, emphasizing that President Biden holds the power to address border challenges.

In the House, Democrats are also employing a similar tactic to paint Republicans as obstructionists on border security, aiming to reshape the narrative in their favor.

Sen. Jon Tester, a vulnerable Democrat, has notably emphasized border security to distance himself from President Biden, aligning with GOP proposals despite prior votes against similar measures.

The Department of Homeland Security’s recent policy shift to expedite asylum processing for migrants with serious criminal backgrounds reflects ongoing efforts to address border challenges administratively.

Sen. James Lankford expressed frustration over the previous bipartisan effort’s failure and signaled cautious interest in revisiting the border legislation, emphasizing the need for coordination between Senate Republicans and House allies.

Overall, Democrats are navigating a delicate political landscape on border security, seeking to make voters forget the past decades that have led us to this stage in the crisis.