Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Clarifies Stance On Late-Term Abortions

Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has clarified his stance on purely “elective” abortions of healthy babies in late-term pregnancies after his earlier comments on The Sage Steele Show sparked outrage online. Kennedy had previously advocated against government involvement in abortion “even if it’s full term.”

In a statement issued on X on Friday, Kennedy said he meant that late-term abortions should be reserved for babies with major health problems that affect their viability. “Cases like this are why I am leery of inserting the government into abortion,” Kennedy wrote.

Kennedy admitted that he had assumed virtually all late-term abortions were such cases but learned that his assumption was wrong.

He stated that cases of purely “elective” late-term abortion are very upsetting and that once the baby is viable outside the womb it should have rights and deserve society’s protection.

Throughout his campaign, Kennedy has altered his stance on abortion as he previously held the opinion that the option should only be available in the first three months of a pregnancy. He said he came to his latest conclusion after discussing the topic with family, advisers and supporters.