Biden Campaign Remains On TikTok Despite Supporting Nationwide Ban

TikTok has been the subject of significant debate in recent years, particularly as it relates to the social media app’s Chinese-owned parent company, ByteDance. Lawmakers in both chambers of Congress recently passed a bill that would ban the platform nationwide if ByteDance did not sell it within a year.

President Joe Biden signed the legislation after it landed on his desk, but that has reportedly not dissuaded his campaign from continuing to use the app in an attempt to reach young voters ahead of November’s election.

After asserting last year that Biden would not launch a profile on the platform, his re-election campaign did just that in February, and staffers issued a statement defending the reversal.

“The campaign will continue meeting voters where they are, innovating to create content that will resonate with critical audiences and the core constituencies that make up the president’s diverse and broad coalition of voters,” according to a statement released at the time.

Even after signing a bill that could force every American to stop using the app, Biden is still determined to keep using it for his own perceived political benefit.

Officials stated this week that the Biden campaign “will stay on TikTok.”

Although concerns about the app’s ties to China have sparked criticism on both sides of the aisle, not everyone believes the threat of a nationwide ban is the right approach. Some fear it will open the door for other companies to be similarly targeted while others say it amounts to an infringement of the First Amendment.

“I think we should beware of those who use fear to coax Americans to relinquish our liberties,” said U.S. Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) last year. “Every accusation of data gathering that has been attributed to TikTok could also be attributed to domestic big tech companies.”

Former President Donald Trump, who expressed support for a ban while in office, has spoken out against it in recent months.

In March, Trump predicted that Facebook “will double their business” if TikTok is banned, adding that he does not want to see the Meta-owned social media giant “doing better.”