NYPD Crackdown On Campus Protests Defended By Mayor Adams

New York City Mayor Eric Adams has defended the New York Police Department’s response to campus protests in the city which have become the focal point of demonstrations nationwide against the Israel-Hamas war. In an interview with ABC News “This Week” co-anchor Jonathan Karl on Sunday Adams stated that the police have an obligation to intervene when protests turn violent.

“We want to ensure we protect democracy and the right to protest … but we have an obligation that when those protests reach the point of violence … we have to ensure that we use a minimum amount of force to terminate what is perceived to be a threat not only by our intelligence but also the school and college officials” Adams said.

The mayor noted that the large-scale police intervention seen at Columbia University was a result of communication between the police and school officials. He emphasized that the police would not overstep their legal authority unless there was an imminent threat to life or severe threat to property.

When pressed about criticism from some Democrats that the response to protesters was disproportionate and improper on school grounds Adams maintained that he has a responsibility to ensure the city’s safety.

Adams suggested that the protests had become problematic despite the stated goal of student organizers to criticize Israel’s government and denounce the treatment of Palestinians. He expressed concern about attempts to radicalize young people and stated that the city cannot take this issue lightly.

Despite the arrests and violent disruptions on campuses Adams encouraged universities to proceed with planned graduation ceremonies assuring that the NYPD would do its job to ensure peaceful proceedings.