House GOP Proposes Awarding Trump Congressional Gold Medal

A group of House Republicans led by Rep. Anna Paulina Luna (R-FL) has introduced a resolution to award former President Donald Trump the Congressional Gold Medal. The award is the highest expression of national appreciation for distinguished contributions to American history and culture.

The resolution cites Trump’s “exceptional leadership” and “dedication to strengthening America’s diplomatic relations” during his presidency. It aims to celebrate Trump’s foreign policy achievements, including the destruction of the Islamic State’s physical caliphate reversing the Obama administration’s appeasement of Iran and pressuring European NATO members to increase their contributions.

However, for Trump to receive the Congressional Gold Medal the resolution must pass both the Republican-led House and the Democrat-controlled Senate, which seems unlikely given the current political climate. The House GOP has been criticized for not doing enough to support Trump as he faces ongoing legal battles.

Past recipients of the Congressional Gold Medal include presidents such as George Washington, Ulysses S. Grant, Harry Truman, Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan. The medal is considered the highest civilian honor alongside the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Despite the challenges in getting the resolution passed Trump’s supporters in Congress continue to introduce measures to honor the former president as he seeks another term in the White House. Rep. Luna stated, “One of our duties in Congress is to honor those who have contributed significantly to our nation and that’s why I’m introducing this legislation.