Court Trial Could Force Trump To Miss Son’s Graduation

Former President Donald Trump might have to skip his son’s forthcoming graduation ceremony because of an upcoming court trial.

Trump is slated to become the first ex-U.S. president to go on trial in a criminal case, according to One America News (OAN).

On Truth Social, the former president said that he was being barred from attending his son’s high school graduation and that the judge presiding over his case in New York would not allow him to attend the presidential immunity argument in the U.S. Supreme Court, scheduled for April 25, 2024.

“In Addition to being prohibited from attending my son Barron’s High School Graduation, I have just learned that the highly biased Judge in the Soros ‘appointed’ D.A. Alvin Bragg’s Witch Hunt Case, will not allow me to attend the historic PRESIDENTIAL IMMUNITY argument in front of The United States Supreme Court, on Thursday, April 25th (next week!),” Trump said.

“This shows such great disdain and disrespect for our Nation’s Highest Court, especially for a topic so important as Presidential Immunity, without which our country would never be the same!” the former president added.

OAN pointed out that the jury selection process for the hush money case in New York involving Trump began in a courtroom in Manhattan.

New York Supreme Court Judge Juan Merchan announced that while the court prepared for its first day of voir dire, it received requests from the former president’s legal team asking for Trump to miss the trial on May 17, 2024, so that he may travel to Florida and attend his son’s high school graduation.

The New York judge said he would not issue a decision immediately concerning the former president’s request to postpone the upcoming trial.

“It really depends on if we are on time and where we are in the trial,” Merchan said.

After the court adjourned in the afternoon of April 15, 2024, Trump voiced his disappointment with reporters.

“As you know, my son is graduating from high school and it looks like the judge will not let me go to the graduation of my son, who has worked very, very hard,” the former president said. “He was looking forward, for years, to that graduation with his mother and father there, and it looks like the judge isn’t going to allow me to escape this scam.”