Wyoming: A Blue State In Red Clothing

Wyoming has a Republican Governor, a GOP supermajority in its House and Senate, and supported Donald Trump over Joe Biden by 43% in 2020. Yet many progressives would be nearly as content in the Cowboy State as in California.

This is because the Republicans in state-level government have not been voting as conservatives on many fronts.

Front and center is Republican In Name Only (RINO) Governor Gov. Mark Gordon, who never met a green agenda law he didn’t like. The Wyoming legislature passed a bill preventing foreign energy companies from using eminent domain to build transmission lines for wind farms on private land. Gordon vetoed it.

He has fully embraced the false science of “climate change,” and his statements are often interchangeable with that of California’s Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA). In a speech at the leftist Harvard University last October, Gordon said “Wyoming is the first that has said that we will be carbon negative.”

Gordon also plays tickle fight with the far-left social wing of the Democrat party, declining to sign a bill preventing boys from competing in girls’ school sports. Governor Gordon’s lengthy letter to Wyoming Secretary of State Chuck Gray (R) checked off all the socialist buzzwords: “I reiterate my belief that hate and discrimination have no place in Wyoming… I urge the Legislature to carefully consider policies that promote inclusion and equality for all individuals.”

The legislature, while having some reliable GOP conservatives, is unfortunately infested with RINOs of the same ilk as Gov. Gordon. Commonsense legislation dubbed the “What is a Woman” bill would have defined gender as that of one’s biology at birth and required people to use restrooms and locker rooms of their gender. It failed in the Wyoming Senate on the strength of 19 Republicans who voted “No.”

A bill increasing school choice was voted down, as was another limiting the Governor’s ability to declare public health emergencies, such as the draconian COVID-19 lockdowns.

Additionally, a bill that would have outlawed private election funding was defeated. This would have ended the very real influence that leftist billionaires such as Mark Zuckerberg and George Soros have had on countless elections.

One wonders if Wyoming may be following in the footsteps of its Big Square State neighbor Colorado, which until 2004 had a GOP-controlled governor’s mansion and state house. The last Republican Governor Bill Owens was a poor conservative leader, caving into tax increases and vetoing pro-gun bills.

As the population increased, young voters came of age lacking solid conservative leadership — and voted Democrat. Today, Colorado is a blue state with Democrats running all branches of state government.

One fact gives hope that the actual voters in Wyoming are not buying into the
“establishment GOP” message. In 2022 RINO U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney lost her primary election challenge to Harriet Hageman.