‘Woke Kindergarten’ Lowers Test Scores At CA School

A California elementary school whose test scores rank among the nation’s worst used $250K in federal funds to improve these results. They retained an intersectional left-wing firm that is actually called “Woke Kindergarten” — and to the shock of few, scores dropped.

The school is Glassbrook Elementary in Hayward, CA, and it has been on the state watch list for Math and English proficiency levels which have registered in the single digits and high double digits.

Apparently, the tests used to measure academic performance do not focus on “anti-racism,” “queerness,” and “white supremacy.” The Woke Kindergarten program is ranked with these subjects.

The Woke Kindergarten website contains sections called “Woke Wonderings,” “Woke Words of the Day,” and “Woke read aloud.” This may invoke nostalgia for those who recall the campy 1960s Batman television series in which the prefix “Bat” was appended to every gadget. Indeed, a casual viewer may even mistake the site for a parody in the tradition of the satirical publication The Onion.

But the founders could not be more serious about their work. Classroom lessons teach that “police do not make us safe,” and that prisons and the military should be abolished. They also contain alarming anti-Semitic and anti-White themes. An image of a masked child appears on a “So you made it to a protest” illustration. The logo on his chest depicts a fist and a lightning bolt logo eerily resembling a Nazi “SS” symbol.

They also proclaim to be “abolitionist”, indicating the site founders may need some remedial history lessons. The term refers to slavery, which was abolished with the Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution in 1865.

This organization cannot be accused of attempting to hide its agenda.

What is nowhere to be found on the Woke Kindergarten website is anything related to basic reading, writing, or arithmetic. In fairness, the site does have a section entitled: “whatchu mean?!”

Glassbrook Elementary remains on the state watch list as their proficiency levels in every academic category have dropped since adopting the absurdly politicized program two years ago.

Some teachers expressed frustration that actual reading and math interventionists have helped greatly at other schools.

School district officials went on the defensive, claiming in an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle that the program was never meant to improve test scores and that attendance has risen by 20%.

Superintendent Jason Reimann conceded that the program “cost more money than we would have liked to have spent.” Of course — Woke Kindergarten espouses the view that money should be abolished, so perhaps they will offer their Marxist services for free.

They will first need to change their “for profit” status.