Woke Doctor Calls ‘Heterosexuals’ And ‘Christians’ Privileged In Email

John Hopkins saves countless lives, but the woke culture has taken over behind the scenes. The hospital’s DEI Chief Officer Dr. Sherita Hill Golden, sent an email highlighting the groups she felt had privilege.

To demonstrate “privilege,” January’s Diversity Word of the Month Golden was determined to virtue signal by listing those with privilege. If the staff was confused about who had the privilege, she listed the individuals who should feel guilty.

According to the email, “White people,” “Christians,” “males,” “able-bodied people,” “Cisgender people” and “English-speaking people” were among those who had the privilege.

According to Golden’s privilege list, most Americans have privilege, including her. If Dr. Golden’s list is correct, she should go back and check her privilege, seeing that she’s an “English-speaking” person.

Of course, the email was shared all over social media and attracted lots of criticism. Many X users called for the termination of the physician. After receiving backlash, Golden, like many virtue signalers, retracted the email, stating that she regretted writing it.

“The newsletter included a definition of the word ‘privilege’ which, upon reflection, I deeply regret. The intent of the newsletter is to inform and support an inclusive community at Hopkins, but the language of this definition clearly did not meet that goal,” the email read.

“In fact, because it was overly simplistic and poorly worded, it had the opposite effect of being exclusionary and hurtful to members of our community. I retract and disavow the definition I shared, and I am sorry. I will work to ensure that future messages better reflect our organizational goals.”

Many on social media, of course, did not buy the apology, believing that she only apologized because she got caught.

On Thursday, a spokesperson for Johns Hopkins Medicine said in an email that Golden’s views did not reflect those of the hospital and that it contradicted their values.

John Hopkins also made news last year when the director of pediatric cardiac critical care, Dr. Darren Klugman, was placed on leave after allegedly making an anti-Palestinian post on social media.