Woke Anglican Deaconess Calls For ‘Anti-Whiteness’

A female archdeaconess in the Anglican Church — otherwise known as the Church of England — has called for “anti-whiteness.”

Speaking on X, the Ven Miranda Threlfall-Holmes indicated that she attended a recent Church-sponsored “whiteness conference” which was edifying for her. She had the epiphany that “whiteness is to race as patriarchy is to gender.”

The controversial clergywoman has been a factory of wokeness, also posting: “So yes, let’s have anti-whiteness, and let’s smash the patriarchy.”

She is well-versed in Orwellian doublespeak, as she clarified her remarks as being: “not anti-white, or anti-men, it’s anti-oppression.”

X posters called out her Marxist ideology as not being particularly in keeping with the teachings of Jesus Christ. One user stated that she had apparently “given up Christianity to join a new and sinister cult.” Another asked, “Why do you seek to divide when your job description is literally to bring people together?”

Yet another X user wondered if it would even be safe to attend Church when a clergy member apparently “holds racial prejudice against white people.”

Threlfall-Holmes’ ideology fits well within the culture and canon of the Anglican Church, which maintains a slavery reparations fund of one hundred million British pounds. There have been calls to increase this to one billion pounds — even as many Church buildings languish in disrepair.

The Anglican Diocese of Birmingham’s open positions look like those of a “woke” Fortune 500 company. They will be bringing aboard a “Deconstructing Whiteness” officer along with an 11-person “racial justice unit.” Many would facetiously ask if this “unit” is a new Scotland Yard department for hunting down people who post “mean tweets.”

The Church’s Marxist directives have their critics among some prominent clergy. Synod member Rev Dr. Ian Paul has stated that language imported from U.S. culture wars — such as that used by Threlfall-Holmes — alienates rank-and-file church members.

The Anglican Christian denomination, along with its sister Episcopal Church in the United States, has faced dwindling numbers and significant divisions among members over its “woke” policies. There have been rumors of a possible schism. Approval of same-gender marriage, abortion and openly gay clergy has seen congregation members leave — some for the very traditional Roman Catholic Church.