United Airlines Boeing Jet Loses Wheel Shortly After Takeoff, Sparks Safety Concerns

A United Airlines Boeing 757-200 experienced a frightening incident on Monday morning when a wheel fell off shortly after takeoff from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). The aircraft, carrying 174 passengers and seven crew members, was headed to Denver when the mishap occurred around 7 a.m.

RadarBox footage captured the moment the wheel detached from the jet’s undercarriage and dropped to the ground moments after liftoff. Despite the alarming situation, the flight continued to Denver and landed safely approximately three hours later. United Airlines confirmed in a statement that no one was injured during the incident.

The airline is currently investigating the cause of the wheel loss. A spokesperson mentioned that the missing wheel was recovered in Los Angeles, but there is no immediate information on whether it caused any ground damage.

This incident bears a striking resemblance to a previous event in March, where a United Airlines Boeing 777-200 lost a wheel shortly after taking off from San Francisco on a flight to Osaka, Japan. That aircraft was diverted back to LAX and landed without injuries, though the rogue wheel caused damage to several vehicles in an airport parking lot.

These back-to-back incidents have raised significant concerns regarding the safety and maintenance practices of United Airlines. Boeing, the manufacturer of these aircraft, has been under intense scrutiny due to a series of safety failures. The company has faced numerous congressional investigations, lawsuits, and whistleblower accusations that it cut corners on safety to increase profits.

Recently, Boeing admitted guilt in a criminal fraud case related to two fatal crashes involving their 737 MAX jets. The company’s plea agreement with federal prosecutors allowed it to avoid a felony trial, yet it has further damaged Boeing’s reputation.

The aviation community and the flying public are now demanding stringent safety measures from United Airlines and Boeing to prevent future incidents. Ensuring rigorous maintenance and adherence to safety protocols is essential to restore confidence in their aircraft.

As these safety issues continue to surface, United Airlines and Boeing must prioritize transparency and accountability. By addressing these concerns head-on, they can work towards rebuilding trust and ensuring the highest standards of safety for their passengers and crew.