Tucker Carlson Launching New Streaming Outlet

Tucker Carlson has announced a new venture in his return to the media landscape after his sudden termination by Fox News Network in April. On Saturday, Carlson described his new streaming service, Tucker Carlson Network, in a post to X, formerly Twitter. The outlet is expected to mark his return to regularly scheduled broadcasting for the first time since he was released by Fox while he was the runaway leader in cable news ratings.

Carlson’s termination by Fox News came soon after a $787.5 million settlement the network reached with Dominion Voting Systems based on allegations of defamatory reporting. While no official statements have come from either side regarding Carlson’s termination, there has been rampant speculation that the settlement and Carlson’s political views contributed.

The new Tucker Carlson Network is set to provide customers with a diverse selection of content. Sources told reporters that the outlet will “be home to at least five different shows by midweek, including interviews, short-form videos, and monologues.”

The new platform will be structured as a subscription-based internet streaming service. With a brand-new logo in the form of a stylized “red pill,” the cost will be $9 for monthly subscriptions or $72 for annual plans. Free subscriptions will also be available with limited programming that will be supported by on-air advertising. The network will only be available through Carlson’s website as it is launched.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the new platform has attracted several interesting venture capital investors. “1789 Capital, an investment firm that aims to capitalize on the opportunities that it sees left open by the ‘wokeness’ of more traditional sources of capital, recently led a $15 million seed round into Carlson and Patel’s company,” the Journal’s report provided.

Conservative media analysts have expressed welcome anticipation for the new network’s content. One commented, “I for one am excited about this new venture. While his X postings were interesting and sometimes enjoyed huge viewership, to me they lacked the power of the eight o’clock hour, where his show had become must-see, appointment TV.” Carlson’s regularly scheduled content is expected to fill a prime-time void that none of the major cable news networks have been able to fill since he left Fox News.

Tucker Carlson’s launch of his own streaming service represents a significant shift in the media landscape, reflecting the evolving nature of how Americans consume news and political commentary. Tucker’s devoted fan base will likely drive the stake deeper into the heart of the corporate media’s cable news offerings.