Trump’s Polling Popularity Surges Higher After Politicized Carroll Verdict

After the latest politicized lawfare attack came down against him last week, President Donald Trump’s lead over Joe Biden in national polling has surged, particularly among independent voters, according to the latest Morning Consult poll. This development follows the recent E. Jean Carroll verdict, wherein a Manhattan jury awarded the columnist $83.3 million against Trump. The new poll shows President Trump now leads Biden in a national head-to-head matchup, 44% to 42%.

Trump’s appeal among Independents is noteworthy, having increased by four points to 42%, starkly contrasting Biden’s lagging 30% in this critical demographic. This surge challenges the narrative of Trump’s GOP rival, Nikki Haley, suggesting Trump’s superior electability, especially with many Republicans favoring a third-party candidate in a Biden-Haley matchup. Among independents, Trump dominates Haley in the preference for the GOP nomination, 81% to 18%.

Some commentators like Peter Baker of The New York Times and Peter Spiegel from the Financial Times have pointed out something quite cynical in the Democratic strategy. They’ve observed that while Democrats publicly decry Trump as a “danger to democracy,” they seem to secretly hope he wins the Republican nomination. This strategy, they suggest, could be a backhanded way to pave a smoother path for Biden’s re-election. It appears the Biden campaign and the compliant corporate media have already forgotten how spectacularly that strategy backfired on failed candidate Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Meanwhile, Trump has adeptly turned his legal challenges into a rallying cry for his supporters, portraying them as attacks not on him but on the millions of America First voters.

The RealClearPolitics (RCP) average poll underscores Trump’s growing popularity, showing him leading Biden by an impressive 4.3 points, his largest lead to date. This is a significant shift from previous elections, where Republican candidates like John McCain and Mitt Romney trailed their Democratic counterparts. Trump’s lead is even more pronounced in the battleground states, with substantial leads in Arizona, Nevada, North Carolina and Georgia.

Democrats face a dilemma, as Trump’s polling suggests a strong public desire for his return. Unlike Nikki Haley, who shows weaker performances against Biden in the RCP average polls, Trump’s numbers indicate a clear preference for his leadership.

The evidence points to a remarkable turnaround for Trump, suggesting his popularity is not merely a byproduct of Biden’s unpopularity but a genuine public endorsement of his policies and leadership style. Americans are also seeing straight through the Democrat and neoconservative establishment’s effort to destroy the Trump campaign through politicized litigation and criminal prosecutions.