Trump Conviction Not Anything For Democrats To Brag About, Supporters Unfazed

President Donald Trump’s conviction may have been meant to kneecap his highly-successful campaign for president that saw him blow away his primary opponents and now sees him demolishing President Joe Biden in the all-important swing states and in the national polls as well. It seems the U.S. voters are recognizing the political persecution happening right before their eyes on the national stage.

While both parties have been vocal in their reactions to Donald Trump’s criminal conviction, with Democrats cheering and Republicans decrying the verdict, it remains unclear how significantly the outcome will impact battleground races in the upcoming elections.

The widespread influence of the court decision was noticeable in a crucial swing seat contests that could sway control of the House in the upcoming autumn. A few at-risk Republican lawmakers in these regions rushed to support Trump while others opted to stay quiet. It seems that Democrats might not exact a cost due to an inability to capitalize on something that they worked so hard for.

On the Hill, Democrats are still unsure about how heavily they want to lean into the former president’s conviction on the campaign trail and how much it will sway voters. Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) acknowledged that while the verdict might move some undecided voters, he was not investing much weight in it.

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee’s silence following the conviction was perhaps the most telling, suggesting that an anti-Trump message may not resonate with the red- and purple-state voters needed to maintain control of the Senate. Vulnerable Senate Democrats, such as Jon Tester (D-MT), whose state Trump won by 16 points in 2020, struck a muted tone in their responses.

Meanwhile, Trump himself warned that Democrats “can do this to anyone” during a nearly 40-minute speech at Trump Tower on Friday. He blasted the “scam” trial and pointed out Democrats are “sick people” who are destroying the country through their policies on immigration, taxes and car mandates.

The Republican base is clearly energized with GOP campaign committees reporting record-high fundraising hauls in the hours following the verdict. This shows that the American public are seeing right through these Soviet tactics to stop the people from freely making their choice in “our democracy.”