South Carolina Passes Constitutional Carry Law

South Carolina became the 29th state to enact a permitless carry law Thursday, joining the majority of U.S. states in allowing anyone who can legally own a gun to carry without a permit.

The majority of U.S. states now have constitutional carry laws, with South Carolina being the latest addition. Constitutional carry laws allow any citizen who can legally own a gun to carry it without a permit. In South Carolina, citizens need to pass a background check and be at least 18 years old to purchase a firearm.

Citizens of South Carolina may also purchase guns out of state, provided they meet both state’s requirements.

The new law means that gun owners are no longer legally required to attend gun permit classes, but also makes classes more widely available to the general public. South Carolina’s gun training course will now be provided twice a month in every county, free of charge.

South Carolina’s bill passed in the state’s House of Representatives Tuesday, with lawmakers voting 86-33 in favor. The law passed 28-18 in the state Senate the following day and was signed into effect by Gov. Henry McMaster Thursday.

The bill seeks to expand the rights of legal gun owners while cracking down on criminals who own guns illegally. Under the new law, people who obtain guns illegally or repeatedly bring firearms into places where they aren’t allowed will face harsher penalties under South Carolina law.

“This new law will provide strict increased penalties for illegal gun use and possession by criminals. Now, law enforcement, prosecutors and judges can keep career violent criminals behind bars where they belong, where they can no longer hurt innocent South Carolinians,” McMaster said this week of the legislation.

Guns are still prohibited in certain places in South Carolina, including businesses that post signs prohibiting firearms, churches and private residences without permission from a homeowner or pastor, any local, state or federal government buildings, medical facilities, schools, polling places on election days, courtrooms and other locations.

While left-wing media is firmly against Americans’ Second Amendment rights, the fact that more than half of U.S. states support constitutional carry laws shows that a quiet majority of Americans support their right to defend themselves.

More laws like the one in South Carolina will help Americans defend themselves while also cracking down on violent criminals who try to take advantage of the Second Amendment.