Skydivers Escape Plane Just Before Disaster

A pilot and six passengers on a skydiving trip into the sky recently managed to parachute to safety just moments before their single-engine Cessna U206C plane crashed into a Missouri hayfield.

Details about the events leading up to the crash are still emerging, but one thing is clear: the decision by the pilot and passengers to jump from the plane was nothing short of heroic. Faced with a rapidly deteriorating situation, they managed to exit the aircraft and deploy their parachutes, touching down safely in the surrounding area.

The pilot who was found in a hangar at the airport and the six passengers were treated by paramedics at the scene for minor injuries before being released. It’s a testament to their training and presence of mind that they were able to navigate such a harrowing experience with relatively few physical consequences.

The story is an exciting and optimistic one where quick thinking and thorough training made what could have been a tragic story into one that’s pretty exciting and fit for a movie theater. The dangers involved here are easily overlooked in an unplanned jump with other people and unknown debris floating through the air as they plummeted to the ground.