RFK Jr. Set To Speak At Conservative Conference

The Conservative Political Action Committee announced on October 6 that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. will speak at the mid-October Investor Summit to Save America being held in Las Vegas, Nevada. Kennedy is a Democrat but is expected to announce on October 9 that he will be running as an independent. CPAC Chair Matt Schlapp said presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy and Senate hopeful Kari Lake of Arizona will also speak.

“Robert F Kennedy Jr has a unique voice in advocating for the defunding of the weaponized bureaucracy and ensuring the constitutional right of medical freedom,” Schlapp said when making the announcement that RFK Jr. would attend.

Kennedy has little to no chance of gaining the nomination as a Democrat because the party is unifying behind current President Joe Biden. As an independent candidate, Kennedy could draw votes from both Trump and Biden. Early polling indicates that Kennedy could draw more votes from Trump than Biden. 

The Trump campaign is believed to be gearing up attacks on Kennedy in an effort to offset the impact of his third-party campaign. Kennedy has many supporters within the GOP, including long-time Trump ally Steve Bannon. Even Trump has called Kennedy a “smart guy.”

Kennedy expresses views on environmental policy that are at odds with many GOP beliefs, but his anti-vaccine stance also resonates with many conservative and independent voters. In recent polling, Kennedy received 21% support. His campaign is reporting that he has received $6.3 million in donations, mostly from individuals. Among the donors, a significant number of large donations come from people who typically support GOP candidates. 

Trump is clearly leading all other Republican candidates. In the most recent polling, Trump now has 51% of support. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is in second but has lost 10% of support in the last few months. His campaign is increasingly looking troubled and various reports suggest the campaign is facing an imminent drawdown. 

Polling shows that Trump is in a near tie with President Joe Biden. Most poll results show just a three percent difference between the two candidates. An independent run by Kennedy could shape the outcome of the next election, even if Kennedy only draws a small amount of support from either party. 

Kennedy will be in Philadelphia on October 9 and is expected to announce his split with the Democrat party and initiate a third-party challenge to Biden and Trump. By the time that Kennedy speaks at the CPAC meeting, he will likely be an Independent.