RFK Jr. Admits To Flying On Epstein’s Plane Twice

Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. told Fox News Tuesday that he was twice a passenger on Jeffrey Epstein’s notorious airplane. He further asserted that records concerning the deceased pedophile should be revealed to the public.

Appearing on “Jesse Watters Primetime,” Kennedy was addressing a different topic when the host abruptly asked if he’d been on Epstein’s plane.

The candidate responded, “I was on Jeffrey Epstein’s jet two times. I was on it in 1993 with my wife and two children to visit my mom over Easter.”

The second occasion was when Kennedy, his wife Mary, and four of his children went on a fossil-hunting expedition to Rapid City, South Dakota. He said the second trip was also in 1993 and that he was never on the infamous jet “alone.”

That plane was dubbed the “Lolita Express” for its reported use in taking young females to Epstein’s private island.

Kennedy explained that his wife “had some kind of relationship with Ghislaine Maxwell” and this led to the invitation to fly to Palm Beach. The relationship between the Kennedys and the disgraced and now-imprisoned socialite goes back at least to 1990.

Maxwell, who was convicted for among other things “grooming” young victims for Epstein, was a guest that year at the wedding of future New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Kerry Kennedy — the candidate’s sister.

Epstein’s future girlfriend allegedly boasted that she slept with John F. Kennedy Jr. at the wedding. This allegation was revealed in a new book titled “Trash: Encounters with Ghislaine Maxwell.”

Kennedy told the outlet that he has been “very open” about the two occasions he was on the aircraft.

The candidate reiterated his call for Epstein’s flight logs to be released to the public. He asked why such explosive information was being hidden by officials.

Kennedy declared “We should get real answers on what happened to Jeffrey Epstein and any of the high-level political people that he was involved with. All of that should be open to the public. It should be absolutely transparent.”

He went further and called for the evidence to be exposed without redactions.

Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) in November demanded the Senate Judiciary Committee issue a subpoena against Epstein’s estate. She said this action was necessary to determine who flew on his plane and in particular to his private island.

Blackburn said last week that Committee Chairman Dick Durbin (D-Ill) blocked her request.