Rep. Gabe Vasquez’s Arrest Warrant Execution Raises Questions About Past Stances On Law Enforcement

Rep. Gabe Vasquez (D-NM) is catching criticism after El Paso, Texas, police executed an arrest warrant against him in March 2024 stemming from his failure to appear in court more than two decades ago after being charged with driving-related offenses.

According to documents obtained by the Washington Free Beacon, Vasquez was charged with driving without a license, driving without insurance and disregarding an “official traffic control device.” Police cited him for failure to appear in court in September 2007 and issued an arrest warrant in April 2008.

The warrant ended up costing Vasquez a nearly $900 cash bond. He pleaded no contest and waived his right to a jury trial and has a pre-trial hearing scheduled for September.

The revelation of the arrest warrant has raised questions about the congressman’s past stances on law enforcement.

Prior to his congressional run in 2022, Vasquez had been critical of law enforcement and expressed interest in cutting police budgets and reforming law enforcement practices while serving on the Las Cruces City Council.

Overall, Democrats have been extremely anti-police over the years and have been unforgiving of mistakes and practices outside the bounds of perfection. As a result, citizens are feeling less and less safe in Democrat-run areas. It looks like the police were a bit too lenient in waiting so long to address this congressman’s crimes.