Prominent Republicans Call For Defunding United Nations

Funding for the globalist United Nations may be in jeopardy if several congressional Republicans get their way. One is Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT), who pledged to introduce a measure to defund the international body.

Lee posted on X, formerly Twitter, “Tomorrow I will file my bill to #DefundTheUN. Please like and repost if you’d like to see the bill become law.”

Lee added that while money is cut off, “let’s expel them too.”

Rep. Chip Roy’s (R-TX) press office released a statement denouncing the U.N. It declared the agency does not deserve funding from taxpayers to carry out its agenda.

Roy responded to Lee’s social media post by asserting that he will do the same. There are multiple House Republicans expressing interest in denying U.S. taxpayer dollars to the multinational outfit that is increasingly hostile to American interests.

The worthlessness of the U.N. has never been on more full display than since Hamas terrorists invaded Israel on Oct. 7. The massacre of more than 1,200 citizens, including many women and children, was accompanied by the kidnapping of hundreds.

So, how did the U.N. respond? By demanding that Israel immediately cease its ground assault against the terrorist organization without any concessions from Hamas.

A resolution condemning Hamas for the outrage was defeated in the General Assembly.

Even worse, Secretary-General Antonio Guterres paid homage to the terrorists by claiming that the atrocities “did not happen in a vacuum.” In other words, blame the victim.

Sadly, the U.N. exists primarily to excuse totalitarian states and provide a platform to despots. As for human rights, nothing illustrated the absurdity of the body more than the recent appointment of Iran to lead a group on the Human Rights Council.

This is the same Iran where women are viciously attacked by government-sanctioned thugs simply for improperly covering their heads.

Congressional critics — all Republicans — note that the body is at its core anti-Israel and anti-U.S. Despite this, American taxpayers are the single largest source of funding for the U.N., a situation that lawmakers increasingly recognize as in dire need of change.