Photos Show Hunter Biden’s Drugs When Gun Purchased

In a revelation that deepens the legal intrigue surrounding Hunter Biden, documents released this week by the Justice Department paint a troubling picture of the son of Joe Biden’s behavior surrounding his firearm purchase in October 2018.

Photos found on his phone made at the time show what appears to be cocaine and drug paraphernalia alongside text messages discussing his drug addiction. The pictures and messages were created shortly before and after he acquired the gun and allegedly made false claims on a federal form that he was not using illegal drugs.

Hunter Biden pleaded not guilty in October 2023 to three federal firearms charges, including making false statements on a federal gun form and illegally possessing a firearm while using illicit drugs. This legal battle follows a derailed plea deal related to misdemeanor tax charges after a judge raised constitutional concerns.

The Department of Justice’s evidence features Hunter discussing drug transactions and his addiction. Before purchasing the gun on October 12, 2018, he took multiple photographs of crack cocaine and drug paraphernalia. Text messages further reveal Hunter’s drug procurement efforts and his explicit acknowledgment of his addiction. In one exchange, he brazenly asserts he would seek sobriety on his own terms, highlighting a stark contradiction to the clean bill of health he portrayed on his gun purchase form.

This narrative is further complicated by interactions with his then-girlfriend, Hallie Biden, who expressed concern for his safety and criticized his irresponsible handling of the firearm. The documented exchanges shed light on a tumultuous relationship marred by Hunter’s drug use and erratic behavior.

Hunter’s legal team’s request for comprehensive government communications related to him marks a significant escalation in his defense strategy, indicating a broader battle over his conduct and scrutiny. The charges stem from a period of alleged addiction and deception, raising questions about accountability and privilege.

As the case unfolds, the broader implications for the Biden family and the administration’s image cannot be ignored. The specifics of Hunter Biden’s actions, particularly the contradiction between his admitted drug use and his statements on a federal firearms form, spotlight the challenges of public figures navigating personal crises under the intense gaze of public and legal scrutiny.