Paris Gears Up For ‘Unprecedented’ Wave Of Cyber Attacks During 2024 Olympics

Cybersecurity experts are warning of an unprecedented level of cyber threats targeting the rapidly approaching 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris from all sorts of attackers from lone hacktivists to sophisticated nation-state operations.

France’s national cybersecurity agency, ANSSI, assembled a group called “Cyberwarrior” teams to defend against the anticipated attacks who’ve undergone extensive training and collaboration with various government departments to reinforce monitoring, alerting and incident response capabilities.

For the first time in Olympic history, artificial intelligence will play a significant role in both attacking and defending the event’s digital infrastructure. While Paris has partnered with AI company Blackbird to identify disinformation campaigns, attackers may leverage AI-generated deepfakes to spread misinformation and damage France’s reputation.

Malicious actors have already begun spreading news online, including calls to boycott the games and claims of discrimination and corruption within the host country.

Security experts are gearing up for a wide range of complex attacks that may or may not be limited to targeting the event, but may potentially aim to disrupt essential infrastructure, communications and transportation systems.

There have been no reports of delays or any other sort of impacts these warnings have had on the games, but there are almost certainly activities taking place behind the scenes to identify and neutralize potential threats ahead of the world event and to monitor the games throughout and ensure that nobody with nefarious intentions is able to take advantage of the Olympics.