Newsom Ratifies California Bill Penalizing Book Bans

California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) ratified AB 1078, ensuring financial penalties for removing books from the school system. California Assemblyman Corey Jackson proposed bill AB 1078.

Newsom has been working on a freedom agenda in California. Part of this agenda has focused on inclusivity in the school districts.

One of the pushes in this direction was to make schools more inclusive through books and curriculum. This push for inclusivity within the school libraries and curriculum has seen opposition recently. 

Many parents are fighting against the inclusivity in school curriculum, saying it violates religious and personal rights. 

A recent opposition occurred in another part of the country. Maryland recently faced protestors who felt they had no say in the LGBTQ curriculum, regardless of their religious or personal beliefs. 

Newsom does not appear to care about the beliefs of the parents or the children in the school district. His ratification of AB 1078 clearly shows he sides with the Department of Education and not with the personal choices of the families involved with the school districts. 

The ratification of AB 1078 will have penalties for any school that also tries to remove or ban the curriculum or literature. The penalization is something Newsom uses to push the so-called freedom agenda he has been holding dear as governor. 

The point parents are seeing with the ratification of AB 1078 is how it takes away the rights of parents in the state regarding their child’s education. Parents must refrain from excluding their child from the curriculum or requesting different curriculums. 

The entirety of the curriculum and literature choices now falls to the Department of Education for the state. 

AB 1078 and Newsom are not discussing what books are being banned and why. Some books in question deal with sensitive topics that younger children may not be ready to understand. 

One of the books in question is a book by author Maia Kobabe. The book “Gender Queer” contains several descriptions that would be rated for certain older age groups if it was a movie or television show. In Newsom’s California, it is available to any age student in the public library of most elementary schools. 

With parents having no say in the curriculum and what their children are exposed to in the public school system, it leaves the question of how free is Newsom’s California.