MSNBC’s Joy Reid Compares Border Security To Segregation

MSNBC host Joy Reid in a Wednesday performance on her show “Reid Out,” attacked U.S. Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) for calling on Texans to secure the border from illegal immigrants regardless of the Biden Administration’s interference with border security, comparing Roy’s position to segregation-era racism.

“There is no better example of what MAGA World wants for the rest of America than Texas,” Reid said, pointing to what she called “draconian measures meant to secure the border,” including “setting up buoys with buzz saws, barring federal agents from assisting with border control, and passing legislation that makes it a state crime to cross the border.”

Then she turned her attention to Rep. Roy, who recently told Fox News the Supreme Court can “go to hell” for allowing the Biden Administration to remove razor barbed wire barriers set up by the Texas National Guard in the Rio Grande.

“He’s a member of a body and party that could actually do something about immigration,” Reid said. “They just refuse to do it because many Republicans now see calling for zero tolerance on the border as the only way to animate their base.”

“And very quickly, this massive resistance, it sounds like the old Southerners who said that we will resist integration by any means necessary, that Chip Roy language,” Reid said in a preface to a question for her guest. “How does that read inside of the Latino community?”

Her guest, Vice correspondent and MSNBC contributor Paola Ramos answered, “It’s very, it’s very simple, no? If you’re the Republican party, you’re allegedly the party of laws and order. And you’re essentially telling local authorities to break the law. So I think once again, going into this image of, you know, who is the party of law and order and who is the party for ‘democracy’.”

Reid opened the show by comparing former President Donald Trump to Hitler: “Like Trump, Hitler was also viewed as a clown, a goon who could be kept in line. And then there are the accommodations that the media makes with autocracy.”