Mike Collins Considers Impeaching Buttigieg Over Train Derailment Response

Rep. Mike Collins (R-GA) blasted Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg for his response to the East Palestine, Ohio, train derailment, saying that he won’t rule out impeachment. 

The train derailment led to the release of vinyl chloride, shown to cause liver cancer and contaminated the air and water quality of East Palestine. 

“They should have shown up immediately,” Collins told Fox News, referencing the Department of Transportation. 

“Any time we have a problem, as far as small businesses are concerned, you get right to the scene and see exactly what’s going on, so you can assess the problem” and “figure out what the solution is,” he added. 

Buttigieg received criticism for waiting over three weeks to visit the derailment site in Ohio. He went a day after former President Donald Trump did.

He blamed the Trump administration for the train derailment, citing several policy deregulations. 


The Washington Post reported that the accident was not the Trump administration’s fault. 

“Trump’s rollback of regulations can’t be blamed for Ohio train wreck,” Washington Post fact-checker Glenn Kessler said. 

Collins accused Buttigieg of promoting “woke culture” instead of improving the U.S.’s infrastructure, adding that he “knows nothing about the infrastructure” or “transportation problems in this country.” 

“That’s just another, in my opinion, another clear example of this agency and the fact that they have got their sights set on stuff other than trying to improve the infrastructure of this country,” Collins said. “And that’s the woke culture that this guy is promoting.”

“The solution is… you get rid of Pete Buttigieg and get somebody in there that knows what they’re doing and what they’re talking about,” the Georgia Republican continued. “We spent over $1 trillion on the infrastructure bill and the rails aren’t safer, roads aren’t any better, and the airports and the runways aren’t any safer.”

Collin’s call for Buttigieg’s resignation echoes concerns from other lawmakers, including Democrats, who seek answers from the secretary. 

Rep. Warren Davidson (R-OH) also suggested that Buttigieg could be impeached over his response to the derailment. 

“I hope [Buttigieg] does resign, and if he doesn’t, you know, there’s a long list of impeachment criteria,” Davidson said in an interview with Real America’s Voice. 

Buttigieg said his delay in addressing the events in Ohio was a “lesson learned” for him.