Mexican Officials Clear Migrant Camp Near Border With Bulldozers

As Secretary of State Anthony Blinken held talks with Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador in Mexico City, Mexican officials were bulldozing a migrant camp in Matamoros, Mexico near the southern border on the Rio Grande.

Migrants first moved into the Matamoros encampment in 2022, and according to Fox News the camp held as many as 1,500 migrants.

Recently, however, many camps like this one have been vacated as migrants have fled to reach the U.S. while the immigration policies of the Biden administration remain in place.

“What we are doing is removing any tents that we see are empty,” Segismundo Doguín, the head of the local office of Mexico’s immigration agency, said.

“They ran us out,” said one Honduran migrant, refuting Doguin’s claim. “You had to run for your life to avoid an accident.”

The meeting between Lopez Obrador and Blinken was to discuss how the two countries could work together to curb the flow of migrants reaching the southern border.

The U.S. recently closed some of the border rail crossings between Mexico and Texas because of the number of migrants “hopping on freight cars, buses, and trucks to get across the border.”

Lopez Obrador said that prior to the meeting with Blinken, he received a worried phone call from President Biden on December 20.

“He asked, Joe Biden asked to speak with me, he was worried about the situation on the border because of the unprecedented number of migrants arriving at the border,” López Obrador said Thursday. “He called me, saying we had to look for a solution together.”

Lopez Obrador said that he is willing to help, but he also urged the U.S. to send more development aid to migrants’ home countries and to reopen the rail crossings that were temporarily closed.

“We have to careful not to close the crossings, we reached that agreement, the rail crossings are being reopened and the border bridges are returning to normal,” he said of the meeting with Blinken.

Mexican officials hope that the bulldozing of the migrant encampment during the meeting along with the 32,000 Mexican soldiers stationed at the border will be enough for the U.S. to reopen the rail crossings.