Mendenhall Doubles Down On Racist NFL Rant

Former Super Bowl Champion running back Rashard Mendenhall hardly backed away from his racist weekend diatribe against White football commentators and players. Instead, he doubled down.

The retired Pittsburgh Steeler said he was “sick” of “average White guys” providing commentary on football. He added that instead of the traditional Pro Bowl after the season, players should be segregated into an “All-Black vs. All-White Bowl.”

Mendenhall essentially proposed building a bridge back to the 19th century.

Apparently, to clear the air, Mendenhall later posted, “We just pretend like I’m the only athlete tired of fans talking trash? You dis upset over a single tweet? What about us? Like me or not, I’m a GREAT in football.”

Great obviously includes players never named to a single Pro Bowl in their career — such as Mendenhall.

His original post garnered a staggering 68.5 million views by Tuesday afternoon. It came on the heels of another rant about his former team and head coach Mike Tomlin after they were throttled by Indianapolis 30-13 on Sunday.

Of course, there could be lingering bitterness over being stripped of the football in Super Bowl XLV by a White defender, Clay Matthews. That miscue contributed to the Steelers missing out on another title.

Needless to say, the online blowback was furious.

One commentator wrote, “You literally made a living playing a game because of the fans and then you say racist things to those same people. You are not the victim here.”

Another observed, “You’re the one who made it about White people. Don’t complain now if you get dragged. Frankly, you deserve it.”

Yet another called Mendenhall out for making his tweet about race. “People aren’t upset over the majority of that tweet…They are upset over you bringing race into it. You could have easily called out any non-college athlete, non-pro football player, etc…but you turned it into a race focus.”

Mendenhall suited up for the Steelers from 2008-2012. He won a Super Bowl ring in 2009 for a victory over Arizona before the loss to Green Bay in a game that featured his infamous fumble.