Mayor Adams: New Yorkers Should ‘Raise Our Voices’ Against Biden

The O.K. Corral showdown between embattled New York City Mayor Eric Adams and even more embattled President Joe Biden is nothing if not a great source of amusement. And it’s a gift that keeps on giving during this Christmas season.

At a Tuesday press conference, the Democratic Mayor told his constituency that they must mobilize against the Biden White House over uncontrolled immigration.

He declared, “As Americans, we should go to our center of government and raise our voices when we believe the government is not responding accordingly.” This call for what his party refers to as “insurrection” followed the flooding of the city by tens of thousands of illegal migrants.

Adams told the masses that he is angry and that it is “not fair” that New York is forced to take in those who crossed Biden’s southern border. He is under enormous pressure due to drastic cuts in city services implemented to support the hordes of illegals.

Not coincidentally, Adams’ turning against his party’s leader coincided with him coming under investigation. This scandal only proved that Democrats will devour their own if they stray from the radical leftist message.

An FBI raid on the mayor’s chief fundraiser’s home rattled the city administration. It also put Adams on notice that he need not wander far from the party platform of open borders.

Only, he does not appear to be paying heed.

City leaders have slashed up to $7 billion from services provided for residents to clear resources to tend to Biden’s illegals. But the almost entirely Democratic politicians are far from blameless.

After all, they decided to declare New York City a “sanctuary” for illegal migrants.

This was done in open defiance of federal law. No longer would local law enforcement and prosecutors work in conjunction with federal authorities to apprehend those in the country illegally.

Instead, they would be provided “sanctuary” from the evil rule of law.

Ironically, politicians such as Adams are now forced to turn on their own party and acknowledge the obvious failures of its immigration policies. Democrats have been caught in a trap of their own making as they tried to reshape the U.S. population into a demographic that will support only them.