Liberal Donors Flooding Biden Campaign Coffers With Cash

It is increasingly clear that there is a widening cash gap between the two presidential campaigns as powerful liberal corporations pour funds into the Biden camp. According to new figures, the Democrat raked in $53 million in February.

That brings his total of cash in hand to a staggering $155 million, meaning that the media will be flooded even more with his left-wing messaging.

Biden spent much of February on the campaign fundraising trail. He took a profitable junket to California with major events in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Biden’s campaign manager, Julie Chavez Rodriguez, spoke of the importance of this year’s race. “The stakes in this election couldn’t be higher for the future of the country, and our historic fundraising operation is making sure every voter knows these stakes come November.”

The election is certainly important to a pair of left-wing ex-presidents.

A contest was held for attendance to a coming fundraiser that will feature Biden, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. That gala raised $4 million in February.

These well-heeled donors are springing up despite the vast majority of
Americans and even most Democrats saying they are against Biden seeking a second term. The feeling among most is that at 81 he is simply too old for the job.

There are no February figures released for former President Donald Trump, but January saw his two major committees with just $36.6 million in cash in hand. His camp absorbed massive legal expenses due to organized Democratic persecutions of the Republican.

It is noteworthy that other groups involved in the Trump campaign have not released figures and are not required to do so until next month.

And the Biden campaign is busy telling anyone within earshot that democracy is at stake if they do not support the incumbent. In some circles, this plea is apparently working.

But Trump operated his successful 2016 run for the White House with a significant financial gap between his funding and that of Hillary Clinton. All Biden’s millions guarantee is that his already compliant media allies will work even harder to spread his messaging.

The true grassroots support is behind Trump, and these voters do not need dollars to convince them of what is best for the country.