LA County Deputy’s Death Linked To Methamphetamine

The Los Angeles County Medical Examiner has determined that Deputy Jonathan Stewart, a member of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, died due to the “effects of methamphetamine.” Stewart, 41, was found dead at a South Los Angeles station on April 27, with his death ruled as accidental.

Deputy Stewart, who joined the department in 2006, began his career as a custody assistant before graduating from the academy. Throughout his tenure, he served in various capacities, including at the Inmate Reception Center and, since 2014, at the South Los Angeles Station. In 2020, Stewart was promoted to field training officer, a role he held until his passing.

The Sheriff’s Department expressed their grief in a statement: “We are deeply saddened to announce the unexpected passing of Deputy Jonathan Stewart.” The statement highlighted Stewart’s dedication, noting, “Jonathan dedicated a decade serving the South Los Angeles community — he was respected and highly regarded by his peers and supervisors for his unwavering commitment.”

Stewart’s untimely death has left a significant void within the department and the community he served. He is survived by his wife and three children, who now face the challenge of coping with this sudden loss.

The revelation that methamphetamine played a role in Stewart’s death underscores the broader issue of substance abuse, even among those sworn to protect the community. It also raises questions about the pressures and challenges faced by law enforcement officers.

The LASD has not provided further details on the circumstances leading to Stewart’s methamphetamine use, but the incident highlights the importance of addressing substance abuse and mental health support within the ranks of law enforcement.

Stewart’s colleagues and community members mourn his loss, remembering him for his dedication and service. The department’s statement reflected the collective sorrow: “Jonathan’s unwavering commitment to his duty and the community will be greatly missed.”