Kim Jong Un Praises Growing North Korea-Russia Ties Amid Reports Of Putin’s Imminent Visit

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has lauded the strengthening relationship between his country and Russia, as speculation mounts that Russian President Vladimir Putin is planning a visit to the hermit kingdom in the near future. This would mark the third meeting between the two leaders, signaling a deepening of military, economic, and other forms of cooperation between the nations.

Since Kim’s visit to Russia last September, the two countries have significantly increased their collaboration, with the U.S., South Korea, and their allies believing that North Korea has been supplying Russia with conventional weapons to support its war efforts in Ukraine. In return, it is thought that North Korea has received advanced military technologies and economic aid from Russia.

Kim’s efforts to bolster partnerships with Russia and China are seen as a strategic move to strengthen his regional position and present a united front against the United States. During their meeting at Russia’s main space launch site last year, Kim extended an invitation to Putin to visit North Korea at a convenient time, which the Russian president accepted.

Recent media reports suggest that Putin’s visit to North Korea could take place as early as next week, with Japanese public broadcaster NHK citing diplomatic sources claiming that the Russian leader is also planning a trip to Vietnam. NHK posits that Putin may be seeking stronger military ties with North Korea due to Russia’s weapons shortage in the Ukraine conflict, while North Korea could be looking for assistance with its space technology following the recent failure of its second spy satellite launch.

As tensions on the Korean Peninsula continue to rise, with North Korea launching trash-carrying balloons toward South Korea and the South resuming propaganda broadcasts at border areas, the potential meeting between Kim and Putin is likely to draw significant attention from the international community.