Journalist Responsible For Tucker Carlson Release Arrested For Hacking

A veteran journalist who allegedly leaked unflattering video clips of former Fox News host Tucker Carlson has been arrested and indicted on several charges. The incident involving Carlson is just one within a wider alleged conspiracy to hack into the computers of several companies and steal valuable information.

Tim Burke, 45, was indicted on 14 charges Thursday, including conspiracy, accessing a protected computer without authorization, and intercepting or disclosing wire, oral or electronic communications.

The arrest comes nearly nine months after Burke’s home was raided by FBI agents in connection with allegedly leaking several videos involving Carlson. The videos include Kanye West making antisemitic remarks in unaired footage of an interview with Carlson, Carlson badmouthing Fox’s streaming service, and making inappropriate comments about female fans.

Burke allegedly kept all the footage and files on a server, and a direct message on X from a co-conspirator indicated that they planned to post the footage to social media, as well as send it to other unnamed individuals and companies.

But those backing Burke, including his wife, Tampa city councilwoman Lynn Hurtak, and his lawyers Michael Maddux and Mark Rasch, insist that Burke is innocent of the charges leveled against him and that he is practicing good journalism.

“We obviously emphatically deny these charges,” Maddux said. “We’re looking forward to the opportunity to defend him and exonerate him. This is nothing but good digital journalism, and a man who’s worked hard to build a solid reputation that’s now facing charges that are frankly unfounded.”

Beyond the legal battle, there may be serious questions about what the results of this case could mean. Particularly when it comes to how journalists are allowed to practice their profession. Maddox is concerned that a conviction could set a dangerous precedent for anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation in the future.

“Generally speaking, this indictment is not a good omen for journalism, and we intend to show that through our defense so that people can practice active journalism and pursue the right to know what’s happening out there in the real world. No matter how big the people are that are being reported on,” Maddux said.

Freedom of the Press Foundation, a nonprofit organization that was founded in 2012 to support free speech and freedom of the press, is also against the indictment of Burke. The organization posted an article to X that goes into deeper detail about what the case could mean for the future of journalism and free speech in the United States. Read the article below for their take on the case.

The next step in Burke’s growing legal battle will be a status hearing in the next several weeks. The date of the hearing is currently unknown.