Human Smuggling Thrives On Facebook As Meta Faces Scrutiny

On Friday, the former acting director of the United States National Intelligence, Richard Grenell, disclosed that Facebook is allowing Guatemalan coyotes to openly advertise their services for bringing illegal immigrants into the United States.

Grenell stated in a post on X, “I’ve learned in Guatemala that coyotes are openly advertising on @facebook – 3 tries to get to the United States for $10k.” He added, “Biden and Zuckerberg don’t care.”

Biden’s border policies have consistently been criticized for their leniency, creating an environment where human smugglers exploit vulnerabilities. The shift towards more relaxed immigration policies has encouraged human smugglers to capitalize on the situation.

These toxic border policies have led to an upsurge in illegal activities at the border. It’s necessary to create a clear and strong immigration policy to help curb the activities of human smugglers and protect the integrity of border security.

Grenell made his way to Guatemala to meet with President Alejandro Giammattei to discuss strategies to “help stem the flow of illegal immigrants into the US.” Vice President Kamala Harris had been assigned to investigate the root causes of migration in the Northern Triangle countries.

In a separate post, Grenell accused the Biden administration of using the State Department to “intimidate Guatemalans from criticizing Left-wing policies.” He pointed out, “What the Biden team is doing to conservatives in America is exactly what they are doing overseas – thru [sic] the State Department’s INL and WHA leadership,” calling it unAmerican and illegal — urging an investigation.

Journalist Tayler Hansen revealed in July that smugglers were utilizing TikTok to recruit drivers. One video featured the process of evading border control, discussions during the operation, and payments afterward. The message read, “I need drivers based in Texas. Only serious inquiries. Good pay: $10-20K USD in 3 hours.”

TikTok flagged the video with a warning: “Participating in this activity could result in you or others getting hurt,” indicating a clear awareness of its use as a smugglers’ advertisement.

Meta-owned platforms like Facebook have a history of being exploited for human smuggling and trafficking. In 2001, Apple threatened to remove Facebook from the App Store due to human trafficking concerns. That was long ago, though — when the moral fabric of our country wasn’t nearly as shredded and tattered as it is today.

President Giammattei has previously criticized the Biden administration’s immigration policies, emphasizing the need for a more direct and clear message.

In 2021, he stated, “This is why we have asked them [the Biden administration] to make the messages more clear. The Vice President sent a clear message on Wednesday: don’t come because we won’t let you in. That’s a clear message. But the only thing a lukewarm message is going to do is create the possibility for misunderstandings. It could be said in good faith, but there will be people who misinterpret it.”

Fast forward to 2024, and the situation has significantly deteriorated. Regrettably, President Biden didn’t heed the advice from President Giammattei. Despite the warnings and concerns that surfaced earlier, the issues at the border have escalated dramatically.

The lack of proactive measures or effective policy changes has led to a worsening scenario, and the consequences of this failure to act are now more evident in the current state of affairs.