Hulk Hogan Rushes To Assist Teen After Rollover Crash

Wrestling fans of all ages know Hulk Hogan as a tough fighter, but recent reports indicate that his fearless persona is not limited to the ring.

Upon witnessing a crash while driving near Clearwater, Florida, the 70-year-old former wrestler — whose real name is Terry Gene Bollea — and his friend, identified by TMZ as a Marine named Jake, reportedly rushed to assist the teen driver of the overturned vehicle.

The two men assessed the situation, ruptured the airbag, and removed the 17-year-old girl’s seat belt as first responders headed to the scene.

Hogan’s wife, Sky Daily, was also reportedly in the vehicle with the two men and recounted the experience on social media.

“Last night, after we left dinner in Tampa, we saw a car flip in front of us!” she wrote, expressing her admiration for the quick action of her husband and his friend.

As for the driver of the crashed vehicle, Daily wrote: “By all appearances, she was unscathed, just really rattled, which is an absolute miracle!”

Although Hogan has been the subject of media scandal in the past, more recent coverage has highlighted a more charitable side to the wrestling legend.

Last month, he spoke about his baptism at Indian Rocks Baptist Church in Florida.

“Total surrender and dedication to Jesus is the greatest day of my life,” he wrote in the caption of an Instagram post announcing the personal achievement. “No worries, no hate, no judgment … only love.”

He previously spoke openly about the role that his faith had played in his life throughout a series of ups and downs in his professional and personal life.

“I accepted Christ as my savior at 14 years old, and the training, prayers, and vitamins kept me in the game,” he wrote in April. “But now that I am one with God, the main event theme of my surrender, service, and love makes me the Real Main Event that can slam any giant of any size through the power of my Lord and Savior and so it is, even now brother, AMEN!”

The following month, he again emphasized that his faith was a central component of his life.

“Body, mind, spirit all work together to achieve greatness in relationships, faith, and quality of life,” he wrote.