Haley Posed To Lose Home State, New Polling Finds

New polls are showing that presidential candidate Nikki Haley’s home state of South Carolina may not be the saving grace she’s been banking on as she trails 45 points behind former President Donald Trump among Republican voters.

The poll from FAU/Mainstreet Research asked likely Republican voters who were planning on voting in the primary race which candidate they intend to support. From the poll, 67% of respondents indicated that they would give their support to frontrunner Trump, giving him a hearty two-thirds of voters.

A sizable distance from that sat Haley who managed to get 22% of support, an amount that would appear much more competent if it wasn’t on home turf.

The majority of all voters, not just Republicans, are expecting the race to be between Trump and Biden, with 52% of respondents indicating so. Only 19% believe that the race would be between Biden and another Republican, who would most likely be Haley.

Past that, in the same report, 89% are more concerned with national issues than those posed only to their home state, further diminishing any sort of advantage she was hoping to pull from being a resident.

With such abysmal polling, the New York mogul couldn’t help to chime in, taking to his Truth social to share his thoughts on the last major Republican primary challenger.

“Tricky Nikki is CRASHING in the Polls,” Trump wrote. “She is 15 points down to Crooked Joe Biden, and I’m crushing him in all Polls. She’s got no reason to make it to the South Carolina Primary.”


“The other day,” the post continues, “she had almost no people attend her ‘rally’ (We had thousands and thousands who couldn’t even get into the large arena), an embarrassment to her wonderful husband, in Africa. I think he should come back home to help save her dying campaign.”

While the South Carolina Republican intends on staying in the race until Super Tuesday, winning the nomination seems extremely.