Gov. Doug Burgum Claims US At War With Russia

North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum (R) has stirred controversy with his recent comments on U.S. involvement in Ukraine. Despite a growing number of American voters questioning the nation’s role in the ongoing conflict, Burgum has doubled down on the RINO and Democrat push, suggesting the U.S. is effectively at war with Russia, even though troops have not been deployed.

Burgum, who is on former President Donald Trump’s list of potential running mates, has consistently supported a hardline approach toward Russia and China. Recently, he told a reporter, “We’re at war with Russia, we just haven’t sent troops yet.” This bold statement reflects his belief that the substantial financial and military aid given to Ukraine is justified, describing it as a “bargain” that helps weaken a major rival.

The word “yet” speaks volumes in his statement.

Burgum’s comments have raised concerns about escalating tensions with a nuclear-armed adversary. Critics argue that such a perspective risks bringing the world closer to a large-scale conflict. When questioned about the priority of securing the U.S. border versus engaging in foreign conflicts, Burgum maintained that the country could manage both tasks.

The governor estimated $100 million net worth suggests he may not feel the financial pressures many Americans face, particularly as they see taxpayer dollars being used for foreign aid. His willingness to send U.S. troops to Israel, advocating for a strong stance against Hamas and Iran, further emphasizes his aggressive foreign policy outlook.

For many Americans, especially those with family members who could be directly affected by these military engagements, Burgum’s rhetoric appears out of touch. The focus on distant conflicts over domestic concerns highlights a disconnect that should be seen as a liability.