Georgia Rep. Mike Collins’ Staffer Assaulted In DC Robbery

A member of Georgia Rep. Mike Collins’ congressional staff was attacked and robbed at gunpoint in Washington, D.C.’s Navy Yard neighborhood this past weekend. The incident occurred early Sunday morning when three men approached the staffer and his friend, leading to a violent confrontation.

Rep. Collins shared details of the incident on X, stating that one of the attackers stole a watch while another punched one of the victims. The Metropolitan Police Department confirmed the robbery and noted that officers were dispatched to the scene shortly before 2 a.m. They also posted an image of a suspected getaway car on social media, urging anyone with information to come forward. The victims’ identities have not been disclosed by the authorities.

Collins used the event to criticize the District of Columbia’s crime policies, attributing the rising crime rates to what he describes as lenient measures. “Our nation’s capital has become a warzone because of pro-criminal policies peddled by D.C.’s government,” Collins remarked in his post. He expressed relief that both young men are safe after fending off the assailants.

In April, President Biden signed a bipartisan measure into law that overturned a controversial decision by the Democrat-led D.C. Council. The Council had reduced maximum penalties for several crimes, including armed carjacking, which saw penalties drop from 40 years to 24. This move came amid increasing concerns over rising crime rates in the capital, particularly homicides and car thefts.

The incident involving Collins’ staffer highlights ongoing debates over crime and punishment in Washington, D.C. While the new law aims to address these issues, critics argue that more stringent measures are necessary to ensure public safety. The Metropolitan Police continue their investigation and are seeking public assistance to identify the suspects involved in this robbery.