Elon Musk Considering Reinstating Alex Jones To X

Elon Musk’s ownership of X, the social media platform previously known as Twitter, has been eventful since his purchase was first rumored. Now, the new champion of American free speech is reportedly very near to reinstating the X account of Alex Jones, the highly controversial anti-globalist commentator who was the first major media figure to be summarily canceled by all major social media platforms in unison.

Musk’s recent discussion of Jones’ status began with a post on X in which he wrote: “In general, since this platform aspires to be the global town square, permanent bans should be extremely rare.”

Jones has long been the host of programming on the right-wing news analysis InfoWars website and was banished from the old Twitter platform under the leadership of founder and then-CEO Jack Dorsey. The putative reason for the ban was related to confrontations Jones had with corporate media journalists over defamation intended to drive advertisers away from his content.

Jones has faced legal action after the social media cancellation over comments he made about the Sandy Hook school shooting. He has since expressed regret about things he said regarding that shooting but has nevertheless been saddled with millions of dollars in legal judgments and has been denied bankruptcy protection from plaintiffs.

Musk has consistently moved X toward becoming a more open platform for all forms of legal speech since taking over the company. He has already reinstated several controversial accounts to the platform that were canceled before his takeover.

The most significant account he has reactivated is President Donald Trump’s. However, in that Trump developed and operates Truth Social since his banishment from old Twitter, he has only made a single post since his reinstatement. That post included the iconic image of his mug shot from the highly political prosecution underway in Georgia related to the theft of the 2020 election in the state.

Musk conducted an online X poll before reinstating President Trump, and prominent X user ALX posted a similar survey this week about bringing back Jones’ account. Out of nearly 59,000 responses, 92% were in favor of unbanning Jones. Musk’s pithy response early Saturday morning was simply, “Ok.”

Jones’ resurgence has been triggered by an interview with Tucker Carlson, posted to the former Fox News superstar’s X account Thursday evening. That lengthy and far-reaching interview has been viewed almost 13 million times by Saturday morning.

A return to X for Alex Jones would symbolize the ongoing struggle for free speech on social media, which is becoming more dominated by heavy-handed government interference or outright censorship. For his part, Musk has declared X will be a space free from government interference or undue influence from major advertisers such as Disney or Apple.

One thing is sure — corporate media and government figures will be provoked into a strong reaction if Musk goes through with bringing back one of the establishment’s greatest enemies.