Detroit Advocate Wants Homeowners To Take In Illegals

As illegal immigrants continue to put a strain on the southern border, the Democratic cities that have declared themselves safe cities have been struggling to take care of them. One such city is Detroit, which out of desperation has started asking residents to open their homes to illegals.

Seydi Starr, the founder of the African Bureau for Immigration and Social Affairs, reported that her organization began working to create a support network last year to house all of the Black illegals coming in. This year, the crisis is worse thanks to the Biden administration’s inability to secure the border.

“Community members have been picking people off the street and taking them into their own homes. Whether it is a Senegalese community, Mauritania folks, Haitian, whoever,” said Starr, “Some people have 12, 18, 20 people in their homes. Every day, we’ll get a call from a driver who picked up someone at the airport, and the driver tells us the man hasn’t eaten in two days and doesn’t have a place to stay. It’s on us to find out who has space.”

In the U.S., it is illegal to house more than a few people in a single-family home. If Starr is housing more than 12 people in a house, then she has admittedly broken the law.

Many of Detroit’s illegal immigrant population have been seeking shelter at Freedom House Detroit. The shelter has seen a doubling in the amount of illegals needing assistance, an amount that they cannot handle.

The shelter has a capacity of housing 50 people but is currently housing 74. Some are staying in cots in the hallways. For the remainder they cannot house, they have sent to other shelters or place them in hotels, according to Freedom House Detroit CEO Elizabeth Orozco-Vasquez.

“Our average was about 15 people a week that we were seeing new people arrive,” she said. “But in most recent days, we’ve have had 16 people arrive in one day.”

“We’re seeing people from all over the world including the Congo… we’re seeing people from Uganda still coming through, we’re still seeing people from South America, Venezuela, Columbia,” she said.

As of 2021, illegal immigrants make up 1.2% of Michigan’s population. This number is expected to be higher due to the influx of illegals making their way across the border this year. Border Patrol reported more than 2 million encounters with illegal immigrants in the fiscal year of 2023, according to federal data.