Democratic Prosecutor Criticizes Judge For Delaying Trump’s Document Case

Democratic State Attorney Dave Aronberg of Palm Beach County has criticized U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon for agreeing to consider arguments regarding presidential immunity, potentially delaying former President Donald Trump’s classified documents case. This decision follows a request from Trump’s legal team to pause proceedings after a Supreme Court ruling on presidential immunity.

On Saturday, Judge Cannon agreed to postpone certain deadlines in the case, giving prosecutors time to respond to Trump’s request. Aronberg accused Judge Cannon of “indulging” Trump by slowing down the trial. “Delay is her middle name. She will continue to slow walk this case or continue to err on the side of delay and indulge the former president with every request,” Aronberg said during an interview with MSNBC host Alex Witt. He added that the decision on immunity will further delay the case, which he believes is the strongest against Trump, but noted that it was unlikely to be heard before the election.

In a concurring opinion on the immunity case, Associate Justice Clarence Thomas questioned the constitutionality of Special Counsel Jack Smith’s appointment, a point Trump’s attorneys highlighted in their filing on Friday. Judge Cannon had already heard arguments about Smith’s appointment in June, with Trump’s lawyers contending that Smith’s appointment was improper as he had not been nominated by the president nor confirmed by the Senate.

Aronberg predicted that Judge Cannon would be cautious before ruling that the special counsel is unconstitutional, as such a decision would likely be appealed and could lead to her removal from the case. “I think Judge Cannon is going to be very careful before ruling that the special counsel is unconstitutional. That would contradict other courts, and again, that would get her appealed to the 11th circuit, possibly… not only reversed, but removed from the case,” Aronberg stated.

The ongoing delays and legal maneuvers continue to draw attention as Trump’s legal team navigates the complex landscape of the classified documents case amidst broader political implications.