Dean Phillips Challenges Biden With Stark Warning

Presidential hopeful Rep. Dean Phillips (D-MN) has sounded the alarm on Joe Biden’s chances in the upcoming presidential race. In a candid interview on Monday with CNN’s Jake Tapper, Phillips did not mince words, asserting that Biden is on a trajectory to get “creamed” and accused his party of being “deluded” into thinking otherwise.

Phillips, trailing Biden by a wide margin in the polls, remains undeterred in his presidential bid. He confidently declared, “I think we’ve already won the New Hampshire primary.” This bold claim comes in response to Biden’s decision not to participate in the New Hampshire primary, following the Democratic National Committee’s new primary calendar that prioritizes South Carolina.

Phillips’ strategy to gain traction in the primaries includes tapping into the discontentment among former supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT). He sent messages to these supporters criticizing the DNC’s treatment of the New Hampshire primary as a retaliatory move against states that favored Sanders. This approach reveals his attempt to align with Sanders’ progressive base, embracing policies like Medicare for All.

However, Phillips is not just aiming to win over the left-leaning voters. In a revealing anecdote, he shared his experience at a Trump rally, where he encountered supporters who were once Obama and Sanders voters. As Phillips described on CNN, this encounter highlighted the diverse and growing support for Trump, a factor he believes Democrats are underestimating.

In an appearance this week on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” Phillips voiced his concerns about the current trajectory of the Democratic Party and the need for new leadership. He pointed to Biden’s age and absence from active campaigning as significant drawbacks, arguing that the country faces critical challenges like AI, conflicts in the Middle East and Europe, and a crisis at the southern border.

Phillips’ campaign has also been marked by his criticism of the media’s focus on less pressing issues. At a press gaggle in New Hampshire, he expressed frustration over the journalists’ preoccupation with his potential as a third-party candidate, urging them to concentrate on matters that resonate more with the American public, like the economy, inflation, health care, and education.

Despite the challenges, Phillips remains resolute in his campaign. He dismissed rumors of considering a third-party run, asserting his commitment to the Democratic Party. “I’m a Democrat, I’m going to run as a Democrat and I’m going to win as a Democrat,” he said.