Controversial Judge Frees Mother Who Smothered Young Daughter

A radical leftist judge has found 32-year-old Dacia Lacey not guilty of neglect despite her admitting to smothering her two-month-old daughter Alona while high on methamphetamine in 2022.

Judge Mark Stoner has caused serious outrage in the past with his decisions, but this one is right up there with his most absurd takes. The judge ruled that Lacey’s actions were the result of poor parenting rather than criminal intent — this really happened.

Lacey confessed to police that she covered her baby’s face to silence her cries aiming to sleep off a drug binge. Her older daughter who was then three years old also reported witnessing Lacey smother Alona with a pillow. Toxicology reports confirmed Lacey’s methamphetamine use at the time of the incident.

Stoner argued that using drugs while parenting is unacceptable, but he also claimed that it doesn’t necessarily constitute a crime, stating, “You’re not innocent but you’re not guilty of what the state has charged you with.”

The judge dismissed the charge of neglect of a dependent resulting in death due to what he says was a lack of evidence proving criminal intent.

Lacey faced up to 40 years in prison if convicted, but will now walk free. The pathologist could not definitively identify the cause of death and found no signs of long-term harm to the baby from Lacey’s care.

This isn’t the first time Stoner’s unreal decisions have upset observers. The Indianapolis police union called for his resignation after he sentenced a mentally ill man to “time served” for fatally shooting Officer Breann Leath in April 2020.

The lawless slide that Americans have been subjected to over the past few years has offered us plenty of examples of just how different the world is today than the one many of us grew up in. This case is just another one of these examples, but it’s different in that an innocent child was involved who will never see justice for the life she was robbed of thanks to the blind justice system that has been weaponized to attack former presidents while letting killers go free.