Colombian Cartel Member Arrested Attempting Illegal Border Crossing

Among the migrants at the border seeking “asylum” in the United States are cartel gangsters from south of the border. One of these was a Columbian member of the Clan del Golfo cartel attempting to enter the U.S. illegally via the border crossing at El Paso, Texas.

Like many gang members, he was identified by his tattoos. His phone contained pictures of people being tortured.

The man’s arrest is significant because the Clan del Golfo cartel is a larger and more extensive criminal organization than Pablo Escobar’s infamous Medellin Cartel — and every bit as violent and ruthless. They are Columbia’s largest illegal drug producer and are active in many other racketeering activities.

The former cartel boss Dairo Antonio Úsuga was arrested in 2021 in Columbia and extradited to the United States in 2022. He was tried and convicted of cocaine smuggling in 2023 and is serving 45 years in federal prison.

Among Úsuga’s brutal acts was killing a rival by burying him alive, then exhuming and beheading the corpse. He has also issued bounties on the lives of police officers and even $70,000 for a police dog. His cartel is armed with military-grade weapons and has over 6,000 members. Nearly every Columbian family has been impacted by the gang’s ruthlessness.

As the recent arrest demonstrates, the perpetrators of this violence are coming to the United States. Along with prominent gangs from Mexico and Venezuela, the gang problem being imported to America on a daily basis is alarming.

The cartel member’s arrest comes amidst a fluid situation regarding the ability of Texas to deal with its illegal immigration problem. The Lone Star State passed a law giving police officers the ability to arrest people suspected of entering the U.S. illegally — a power previously reserved for the Federal government. The Texas State legislature took this action in response to the Biden Administration’s refusal to take any action protecting their state against continued invasion.

The United States Supreme Court initially allowed the law to take effect, but a renewed appeal to the 5th US Circuit Court of Appeals has blocked the law once again.

The Biden Administration has not only refused to defend the border — it has also obstructed any and all attempts for states to do it themselves. The president has held border security hostage in Congress by conditionalizing it on renewed billions for Ukraine aid. High-profile murders committed by ruthless gang members who have entered the country illegally have not swayed Democrats.

Many believe the current crisis is by design. Democrats import millions of voters, cementing their power. Additionally, by introducing chaos, they justify draconian rule and martial law which ends personal freedoms.