Burger King To Launch $5 Value Meal Ahead Of McDonald’s Promotion

Burger King is set to introduce its own $5 value meal in an effort to compete with rival McDonald’s and attract cost-conscious customers amid the ongoing cost-of-living crisis, a company spokesperson confirmed on Thursday. The move comes as U.S. fast food chains are vying for customer attention by offering promotions and deals to boost traffic.

According to a memo obtained by Bloomberg News, Burger King plans to bring back its $5 “Your Way Meal” ahead of McDonald’s planned launch of a similar $5 meal deal. The Burger King promotion will include a choice of one of three sandwiches along with nuggets, fries, and a drink.

The company intends to run its offer for several months, while McDonald’s promotion is expected to last for about four weeks. Burger King’s spokesperson stated, “We are bringing back our $5 ‘Your Way Meal’ as agreed upon with our franchisees back in April.”

As Americans continue to feel the economic pain of President Joe Biden’s horrific economy, businesses will likely continue to battle it out over an important and, unfortunately, increasingly important market in the U.S.: those with dwindling expendable income.

A recent survey by LendingTree found that an unacceptable 78% of Americans now view fast food as a luxury due to rising prices.