Big Lots Manager Fired After Reporting Employee Assault By Shoplifter To Police

Pat Guider, a longtime manager at a Big Lots store in New York, was terminated from his position after more than 20 years of service for reporting an assault on an employee by a shoplifter to the police. The incident occurred on May 10 when Guider witnessed a shoplifter attempt to punch his assistant manager while trying to leave the store.

Guider, concerned for the safety of his staff, followed the assailant at a distance through the parking lot while providing updates to 911. However, two weeks after the incident, Guider was called into his district manager’s office and informed of his termination. The decision left him frustrated, as he believed he had acted appropriately in response to a violent situation.

“I thought I was doing the right thing,” Guider told News 10 NBC. “And it ends up getting me fired.” He emphasized that he regularly allows shoplifters to leave the store without intervention, as per company policy, but this case was different due to the assault on his employee.

Big Lots has not commented specifically on Guider’s case, but the company does have a policy displayed in-store prohibiting employees from leaving the premises to pursue or detain customers. Despite this, Guider maintains that he did not endanger the store or any customers present at the time of the incident.