Biden Messaging Off Point With Praise Of Pro-Hamas BLM

One word has been ringing through the halls of power in the United States since the terrorist attacks by Hamas against Israel: Solidarity. As dozens of politicians on both sides of the aisle pledge support for Israel and vow to help Israel repel barbarous invaders who are committed to the extermination of Jews, President Joe Biden provided a warm message to Black Lives Matter activists acknowledging what would have been the 50th birthday for George Floyd. 

BLM has been at the forefront of anti-Israeli protests in the U.S. since the attacks by Hamas. The organization has called on the support of Palestine, viewed by leaders of the domestic organization that preaches a message of lawlessness and no accountability for criminals. As is the case with Biden in most situations, the president seems unaware of the reality of what BLM truly stands for -the extermination of the American way of life.

Activists tied to BLM have been vocal in their support for Hamas and Palestine since the attacks began. Supporters have called for people to join the “Global Day of Jihad” that was scheduled for Friday the 13th and have demanded that the U.S. government cease assistance to Israel, frequently calling the murderous and devastating attacks “justified.” 

Given his advanced age, Biden could be forgiven for not understanding that pro-violence groups like BLM cannot coexist in peace with regular people, but he is not the only Democrat who doesn’t seem to understand the gravity of the current situation. Members of “the Squad,” a group of representatives that are far to the left of mainstream Democrats have repeatedly called for an end to U.S. aid to Israel since the attacks occurred. While Biden has put out pro-Israeli messaging, his latest pro-BLM post indicates that, like the members of “the Squad,” he does not fully grasp the situation at hand. 

Democrats, including Biden, have tried to change the narrative of BLM activists, calling the deadly and destructive riots “mostly peaceful demonstrations,” while condemning conservatives for less-destructive behavior. BLM messaging is indicated as a primary driving factor in the mass retirement of law enforcement from pro-BLM cities like San Francisco and New York, while looting that is promoted as social justice by the organization has led to thousands of business closures. 

Biden’s latest praise of BLM activists and his intentional messaging to change the narrative of the George Floyd tragedy only demonstrate to Americans who don’t live on the fringe that his administration is completely out of touch with regular citizens. Biden and Democrats continue to push for a society in which the loudest, most violent voice is the only one that matters, while regular Americans are expected to pay taxes to foot the bill for the chaos and destruction these groups promise.