Biden Declares US Does Not Support Taiwan’s Independence

In an abjectly unsurprising move, President Joe Biden on Saturday flatly rejected U.S. backing of Taiwanese freedom from Communist China. The Democrat told an inquisitive reporter, “We do not support independence.”

This gutless call came on the heels of the brave Taiwanese electorate voting for Lai Ching-te as the new president. The ruling Democratic Progressive Party’s candidate rebuffed Beijing while calling for talks between the nations.

Lai is an outspoken supporter of independence for the democratic island. This stand enraged Beijing’s totalitarians, who called the election a decision between peace and war.

As is often the case, the Biden White House was sent scrambling to cover the president’s words. Officials explained that they support a peaceful resolution to the conflict between Taiwan and Communist China, while others expressed support for Lai’s win.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken posted on X, formerly Twitter, “We congratulate Dr. Lai Ching-te on his victory in Taiwan’s presidential election.”

Blinken continued, “We also congratulate the Taiwan people for participating in free and fair elections and demonstrating the strength of their democratic system.”

Under the Carter regime in 1979, the U.S. shifted its diplomatic recognition from Taipei to Beijing. A succession of administrations asserted they do not support a formal declaration of independence by Taiwan.

That same position was confirmed by new President Lai. But Chinese Communists still fear he will declare an independent Republic of Taiwan.

Beijing conversely has not rejected a military solution to the standoff.

Previous Biden misstatements on the controversy upset Beijing’s leaders. At one point he declared that the U.S. will defend the island nation with force if it were attacked by a foreign power — presumably China.

This countered the longstanding Washington policy of “strategic ambiguity.”

Despite China’s strong pressure on Taiwan’s voters heading into the presidential election, Washington warned that it would not tolerate “any” nation interfering in the process.

Beijing considers the island to be nothing more than a breakaway province that will inevitably be reunited with the mainland. By force if necessary. This is a holdover from the tragic Chinese Revolution that saw communists led by Mao Zedong take power and complete control of the Asian nation.