Biden Campaign Faces Uphill Battle As Trump Rides Wave Of Favorable Rulings

President Joe Biden’s reelection bid has hit turbulent waters as President Donald Trump experiences a surge of positive developments, both in courtrooms and polling stations across the nation.

A recent Supreme Court decision granting Trump immunity for certain “official acts” related to the 2020 election dispute has dealt another blow to special counsel Jack Smith’s case. This 6-3 ruling, authored by Chief Justice John Roberts, adds to a string of favorable outcomes for the former president.

Republican pundit Scott Jennings highlighted Trump’s extraordinary run of good fortune on CNN. “I’m not sure any presidential candidate in modern history has had the incredible run of luck of Donald Trump,” Jennings remarked, pointing to a series of events that have bolstered Trump’s campaign.

These developments include a New York conviction that “broadly unified the right,” resulting in a substantial financial windfall for Trump’s campaign. The former president’s team reported raising over $140 million following the verdict.

Jennings also cited President Biden’s widely panned debate performance on CNN as a factor contributing to the current political landscape. “Democrats were hoping the month of June would totally change the trajectory of this campaign, and it did. Now they’re in a nosedive and they have no idea how to pull out of it,” he observed.

Adding to the Biden campaign’s woes, a separate Supreme Court decision found that federal prosecutors had overreached in their use of an obstruction statute to indict Trump. This ruling came just a day after Biden’s debate misstep.

Recent polling data reflects these shifts, with Trump now leading Biden by 1.9% in national head-to-head matchups, according to RealClearPolling averages. When independent and third-party candidates are factored in, Trump’s lead expands to 2.9%.

As the 2024 election season heats up, the Biden campaign faces mounting pressure to reverse these trends and regain lost ground in what promises to be a fiercely contested race.